Stardots was awarded a prestigious grant

March 31st, 2022

We are celebrating because Stardots together with Uppsala University Hospital and Sahlgrenska University Hospital just got awarded a Swelife\MedTech4Health grant of total 3 MSEK. Together we will further develop Stardots´ Parkinson´s platform and deliver even better digital markers and symptom quantification models that ultimately will increase quality of life for patients. We are so thrilled to continue and deepen our collaboration with Europe’s leading Parkinson´s researchers and we can´t wait until we reach the market with our platform and give patients the opportunity to have a more individualized and better care.

Some of our stars are toasting to the start of the Swelife/Medtech4Health project

Some info regarding Swelife and Medtech4Health:

Swelife – For a competitive life science ecosystem in Sweden
Swelife is a strategic innovation programme, funded by the Swedish Government via the Swedish innovation agency, Vinnova, and by the programme’s partners. We support collaboration within academia, industry and healthcare, with the goal to strengthen Life Science in Sweden and to improve public health.
Medtech4Health strive to increase the number and quality of new innovative products and services within medtech. In collaboration with patients, healthcare, academia and business, we contribute to increasing value for people affected by disease in their everyday lives. Medtech4Health is funded by the Swedish government through the innovation authority Vinnova and by the programme’s partners.