Compassionate innovation.

At Stardots, you’ll meet a mix of successful startup founders and seasoned subject matter experts. We believe in combining ambitious ideas with well-grounded facts. Therefore, everything we do is based on human and clinical needs: Evidence-based, human-centric, and results-focused.

In short: We like hard facts that help us do good.

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Our team

Daniel Petrini

CEO & Co-founder

Daniel Petrini

M.Sc. in material engineering, Ph.D. in computational inorganic chemistry (Uppsala University)

What always fascinates me is the power of statistics and analytics; to be able to see patterns and gain knowledge through data. Starting Stardots has been the thrill of my life, providing me the opportunity to work with what I love the most.


Jakob Sandström

I have worked as an IT-consultant for over two decades and been involved in multiple start-ups, one as a founder of IMINT. As a senior software engineer, I have a strong background and track record of building development teams and working with innovative products in regulated industries including life science- & defense technology and Web/Cloud B2B SaaS.

Hanno Lindroth

Chairman of the board & co-founder

Hanno Lindroth

As a project leader of many large international projects, as well as started and driven a number of companies, I provide Stardots with experience and knowledge on business development, project management etc. I have worked in the Life Science sector for 40 years, including R&D-Manager in the pharmaceutical industry.

Emil Edin

Mathematical modelling

Emil Edin

M.Sc. in Materials Science, Ph.D. in computational physics

My general area of focus is R&D with an emphasis on the implementation and development of the algorithms used in symptom quantification and the digital infrastructure to deploy them.


Fredrik Olsson

M.Sc. in Engineering Physics, Ph.D. in electrical engineering

In my role I work with R&D, with special focus on signal processing, modelling and data analysis. I have an academic background in analysis of human movement disorders and balance using mobile and wearable sensors. At Stardots I have the ambition and opportunity to work towards improving the daily lives for people with neurological disorders, using my knowledge and recent advances in research and technology.

COO & Aliva product manager

Martin Nilsson

M.Sc. in Engineering Physics, PhD in nanotechnology and functional materials (Uppsala University)

In my role I do both strategic as well as operative work and the combination of the two excites me. I am always eager to learn new things, organise and solve customer problems.

Alexander Medevev

Scientific Lead & Co-founder

Alexander Medvedev


Scientific Expert: Control systems, mathematical modelling. Professor of Automatic Control, Uppsala University.


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