Transform science into digital health platforms.

We transform raw sensor data into digital biomarkers and tailor algorithms for optimized therapy via pharmaceuticals and medical devices.
Our Life Science partners can enter development with a new idea and leave with a validated Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) product ready to commercialize.

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A smart path to regulatory approval

We combine agile development with clinical stringency. A digital quality system is integrated  into our process to track and document every iteration in line with regulatory demands.
Documentation is a large part of SaMD development. And the higher the risk classification, the more documentation is required. Our system architecture isolates individual services, enabling separate risk classification
and reduced documentation effort.

Our architecture and process make for cost-effective SaMD development, testing and deployment – responsibly and at scale.

  • Digital health tools have vast potential improve our
    ability to accurately diagnose and treat disease.
    And to enhance the delivery of health care for the
    individual, making medical care truly personalized

    SCOTT GOTTLIEB Former FDA Commissioner

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