Press release: VNV Global invests in Stardots!

June 14th, 2021

Stardots has completed a new share issue with VNV Global as lead investor

The Uppsala company Stardots AB (“Stardots”) is developing a revolutionary digital health platform for the treatment of neurological diseases with an initial focus on Parkinson’s disease. The company has recently raised expansion capital with VNV Global AB (“VNV”) as a leading investor with SEK 10 million. VNV is an investment company whose business concept is to, through experience, knowledge, and an extensive network, identify and invest in assets with great value-adding potential, with a focus on companies with global network effects. Other investors in Stardots include Uppsala University Invest AB and Stockholm University Holding AB.

Stardots’ cloud-based health platform will offer a unique opportunity to objectively quantify symptoms and offer optimized individualized treatment for Parkinson’s disease. This is done through advanced mathematical modeling of, among other things, sensor data and AI.

Stardots’ platform for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease is expected to lead to sharp reductions in costs to society and a significantly improved quality of life for the more than 10 million people around the world suffering from the disease. The platform will also provide a valuable database that offers insights into the disease and opportunities for caregivers and life science companies to develop new treatments. In addition to treating Parkinson’s disease, there are strong indications that the same core technology can be used to treat Alzheimer’s disease, ALS, MS and other neurological diseases.

The technology and the high level of scientific innovation is partly based on many years of research & development and advanced “deep-tech” from world-leading researchers at Uppsala University as well as clinical trials at the University Hospital in Uppsala. Product development is strongly market-driven where the idea and drive come from neurologists who need more objective information to be able to make better assessments and provide optimized and tailored care. There is already great interest from the market and Stardots has succeeded in attracting several European clinics for the first phase of upcoming clinical trials. The company has also initiated collaborations with reputable companies such as Swedish Tobii and American MathWorks.

Stardots’ platform means that high-quality care can also be provided remotely, and symptoms can be monitored to gain an understanding of the development of the disease. In addition to quantifying symptoms and classifying the type of Parkinson’s, it will offer optimized individualized treatment programs with the goal of significantly increasing quality of life. Hence, care will be more objective and equal, and will not depend on geographical region, hospital, or access to neurologists.

The CEO and founder of Stardots is Daniel Petrini, who has a doctorate degree in computational chemistry from Uppsala University and has extensive experience from software development and data analysis. The chairman of the board is Hanno Lindroth, who is an experienced entrepreneur with more than 40 years of experience in the life science area.

It is extremely satisfying to now have the opportunity to bring this revolutionary health platform to the market. We want to create a unique and patient-focused view of the care of Parkinson’s disease, and the platform will offer new opportunities for patients and caregivers to optimize treatment. What ultimately really counts are significant improvements in the patient’s quality of life.” – Daniel Petrini, CEO Stardots

Digital health and precision medicine are future technologies that we at VNV find very interesting. Stardots possesses a unique competence and has come a long way in the work of developing a unique digital health platform that has the opportunity to optimize the treatment of neurological diseases, with greatly increased quality of life and reduced social costs as a result.” – Per Brilioth, CEO VNV Global

For further information, please contact:

Daniel Petrini, CEO Stardots AB, +46 (0)70 782 70 01,

Per Brilioth, CEO VNV Global, +46 (0)70 892 29 85,