Swedish solutions for Neurodegenerative diseases

May 4th, 2021

Stardots is one of the companies featured in Invest Stockholm’s latest brochure:, titled Improving Quality of Life for People with Neurodegenerative Disease.

One of the diseases covered is Parkinson´s disease:

“Parkinson’s disease is another progressive neurodegenerative condition that can have a devastating impact on
quality of life. Around 10 million people currently have
Parkinson’s disease – although four percent of those
affected are diagnosed before the age of 50, the incidence increases significantly with age and it is the fastest
growing neurological condition globally.”

Stardots is very proud to be one of the few selected high-tech companies and startups that were allowed to show our solution to a very important and extremely difficult problem:

“The core ideas were initially developed in response to
neurological professionals’ need for progressive markers
of Parkinson’s Disease that would aid decision-making
and provide a more objective approach to this complex
disease. Unfortunately, costly treatment programmes
seldom reach their full potential, and treatment adjustments become more difficult as the disease progresses.
The Stardots platform is built upon many years of R&D and
clinical trials at Uppsala University. The patient uploads
sensor data to the platform from, for example, tremor,
eye-tracking, blink-rate, speech, and gait measurements.
The system then allows care to be provided remotely by
non-specialist staff, and symptoms can be monitored to
gain an understanding of the progression of the disease.
The platform is modular, highly scalable and cost-effective. In additional to quantifying symptoms and classifying subtype of Parkinson’s, it will provide guidance
for optimised individual treatment programmes. Fewer
assessments will be needed, leading to lower associated
costs. Also, care will be more objective and equitable,
as it will not depend on geographical region, hospitals
or neurological professionals”

We thank Invest Stockholm and Ylva Hultman, Head of Life Science for the opportunity to showcase our platform and vision.