UUH is investing in Stardots

April 3rd, 2020

We are welcoming Uppsala University Holding (UUH) to Stardots. UUH is the University’s holding company. It is owned by the Swedish State and controlled by Uppsala University and is enabling commercialization of research results making it accessible to society. UUH has an impressive investment record including Q-Linea, Gradientech, Imint and Disruptive Materials.

Stardots is working on a cloud-based, digital health platform for Parkinson´s disease, offering symptom quantifications and AI-optimized treatments using newly developed, bleeding edge mathematical modelling from Prof. Alexander Medvedev from Uppsala University. The platform is a software-as-a-drug solution for a huge $250B global market and overwhelming human suffering.

“UUH investing in Stardots is a testament to the potential of our platform and vision, and we are excited and honored. We will continue to work hard to deliver on our promise: to increase the quality of life for Parkinson´s patients as well as reduce the cost to society.” -Daniel Petrini, CEO Stardots