Entrepreneur of the future 2019

October 21st, 2019

We are extremely thrilled and honored to be selected as one of five finalists in SvD/Carnegie Future entrepreneur of the year 2019. This competition puts focus on unique and sustainable business ideas with strong entrepreneurial teams. The final is due 2019-11-21 at Carnegie Hall, Stockholm Sweden.

Article (in Swedish) here: https://www.svd.se/nu-borjar-rostningen–du-avgor-finalisterna

Stardots has gained a lot of traction for our digital health platform AI-TRUST. Today’s announcement is yet one step closer to realizing our vision to increase quality of life to patients suffering from Parkinson´s disease, in addition to reduce cost to society.

AI-TRUST is a software-as-a-drug platform for the symptom quantification and AI-optimized treatments of Parkinson´s disease using state-of-the-art mathematical modelling. The project is a joint venture between Stardots, Uppsala University and the neurological department of Uppsala University Hospital. The management team consists of world-leading scientists, veteran programmers and successful entrepreneurs as well as international business developers in life-science.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.