Stardots attends Jefferies health care conference in NYC

August 20th, 2019

Stardots attended Jefferies global health care conference in NYC to seek funding for our digital health platform for our Parkinson’s disease “AI-TRUST”. World leading health care companies presented cutting edge technologies, biotech innovations and pharmaceuticals in this investment focused conference. Stardots is currently seeking funding for our AI-TRUST platform in order to quantify symptoms and offer AI-optimized treatment to Parkinson’s in order to improve quality of life, reduce cost to society and to aid in clinical trials. It aims to provide progressive markers for Parkinson’s.

AI-TRUST is a cloud based, digital health platform and a joint-venture with Uppsala University and Uppsala University Hospital. The algorithms used for mathematical modelling are based on years of research by Prof. Alexander Medvedev and clinical trials by MD PhD Dag Nyholm.

Chris Kennedy (to the left in the photo) is our newly hired Business Development U.S and is in charge of raising funds in the Boston area.

For more information regarding investing in AI-TRUST please visit the following link: For investors