Evolved Horizon 1.10 Released!

November 10th, 2017

We are proud to release v. 1.10 of Evolved Horizon, with many interesting new features, see change-log below.

Release Notes for Evolved Horizon v.1.10 (“Curie”)

New Features:

  • Added New Analysis plot type: “Box plot”
    • The box-and-whisker plot may be used to visualize the distribution of data through its quartiles. Use the boxplot for easy overview of the distribution of your data per channel. All the boxes are notched at the D50 (median); two medians are significantly different at the 5% significance level if their intervals (notches) do not overlap. Outliers are marked as red. See more at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Box_plot.
  • Added “Show Previous” and “Show Original” checkboxes in Analyze.
    • Extremely useful feature to see the effect the DSP has on your data. The previous is the last applied DSP data (or original if number of DSPs are 1). The original is the data without any DSP. The current DSP overlays the previous/original who is rendered in a grayish color.

Incidentally, all the DSP applied is only temporary…your data is not altered. In fact, to ensure data integrity, you may not alter it post-I/O!


  •  Various Icon fixes in splash screen and other GUIs
  • Added booter_log.txt in Launcher->Configs->Logs. Changed colors of the log to be white/black for background/text. Added “Open in OS” of all logs.
  • Toned the color of the “selected”-background color of the image-text button.
  • Smaller bugs/fixes
See original and previous data to evaluate effect of DSP
New plot – Boxplot