Evolved Horizon 1.09 Released!

November 3rd, 2017

Release Notes for Evolved Horizon v.1.09

Added Features:

  •  Normalization DSP
    • Normalize your data for better comparison, and easier viewing. Use any value for lower and upper limits. Perfect in conjunction with integration for better insights,  without data drowning.
  • Outlier removal DSP
    • Filter unwanted outlier data, using moving-median or moving-mean without smoothing the data too much. Powerful when data contains artifacts. Choose outlier fill methods (Linear, nearest, splines) and threshold values for maximum flexibility to your data-set.
  • Added USB port selection on the firmware uploader. Some devices (e.g., MEGA) requires a specific USB port for uploading. Use “Auto” for complete scan. Please unplug all devices except the device scheduled for firmware upload.
  • Doubled the buffer size and added many more buffer configurations in the firmware. Use long and narrow buffer for few channels but high I/O rate. Use short but wide for many channels and lower (requested) I/O rate. OBS: the actual I/O rate is not only determined by the buffers but also the reading of the pins etc.

See an analysis of two K-Type thermo-couple experiments that seems to have some sensor glitches; possibly some sensor-wire problem. Lets try to remove those to not obfuscate the analysis:

Analysis of two two-channel K-Type thermo-couples experiments in two containers of hot and Cold water. There seems to be some artifacts possibly related to sensor wiring… Lets try to remove them!
Alas. Moving mean smoothing does not accurately remove the artifacts (glitches)…
Lets try to find the outliers instead. Use the new Outliers DSP. The data is somewhat smoothed but it performs much better than the moving statistics smooth filter… Incidentally, you may increase the threshold value for even less smoothing. The value used here are >3 median absolute deviations.
Lets intigrate and see how much temperature each sensor experienced; #21 T2 almost cought up with #20 T2…


Fixed the lag-race associated with a session that has a I/O-rate set at higher Hz than the hardware can handle. Warning: a diff between actual and requested I/O-rate will not be easily noticed.
Fixed basic DPI-awareness for OS-scaled high-resolution screens… All elements (including graphs) are DPI-aware except some data- and setting-tables.
Rewrote the flush/acquire routine of the session to be more responsive to trigger commands and less taxing to the USB communication. Evolved Horizon 1.09 requires Arduino Firmware +1.4.x.y
Improved buffer memory footprint of the Arduino. More memory == more I/O rates. potentially more sensors. 🙂
Made the graphical user interface engine more responsive (hoover of buttons etc.)
Fixed a bug in the numerical calculation DSP (static time stamps no longer assumed)