Evolved Horizon 1.08 released!

October 27th, 2017

Evolved Horizon 1.08 released!

Stardots is pleased to announce that we are now supporting the lovely Adafruit MAX31855 and MAX31865 breakout boards for K-type thermocouples and PT100/1000 elements. Specify the pin location and you are ready for high-speed, high range, or high precision, temperature readings. Any combination of analog input, PT100 or K-type thermocouple is allowed; turn your Arduino into a sensor powerhouse within minutes!

Major release features:

Hardware: Adafruit MAX31855 15 bit K-Type thermocouple amplifier. SPS: ~1000/#channels

Hardware: Adafruit MAX31865 15 bit RTD amplifier (PT100/1000 elements). SPS: ~10/#channels

DSP: Noise reduction/smoothing: Polynomial Smoothing using Savitzky-Golay technique. Could render more accurately noise reduction compared to moving statistics. Possible to remove e.g., 50 Hz noise.

DSP: Differential Calculus: Visualize the gradient (slope, derivative) of your data. Twice to see the second derivative.

See release notes for all new features and bug fixes.

Download Evolved Horizon, and our Azure powered booter today!