The researcher behind our joint-venture AI-TRUST is featured in a very interesting article at Uppsala University Innovation: https://uuinnovation.uu.se/aktuellt/?tarContentId=814516

Stardots is thrilled to have such distinguished researchers as Prof. Alexander Medvedev and PhD Dag Nyholm onboard this digital health project designed to improve the quality of life for millions of Parkinsons patients around the world. Read more about our software-as-a-drug platform here.


The Swedish Child Diabetes Foundation’s Johnny Ludvigsson-prize for excellent research in childhood and adolescent diabetes, has this year been given its Young Researcher prize to: Associate Professor Joey Lau Börjesson at the Department of Medical Cell Biology, Uppsala University.

Johnny Ludvigssons Pris 2018
Joey Lau Börjesson receives the Barndiabetesfonden Johnny Ludvigsson prize.

Motivation for the award
“Joey Lau Börjesson is awarded the prize for her work with advanced experimental
studies to provide enhanced understanding of how transplanted insulin-producing cells
are transformed by their new environment in the transplants, and how the
survival and function rate of the transplanted cells can be improved, including stem cell modification.
The findings can lead to improved results in clinical island transplantations and provide a basis for how stem cell-derived insulin-producing cells can be developed as
cell therapy”

Stardots collaboration
Stardots has jointly with Joey developed software that can increase correctness and rapidity in Joey’s diabetes research.
Read more about Pancreas Image Detection (PID).

Swedish Child Diabetes Foundation (in Swedish)