Stardots is very pleased to announce our advancement to the regions final in Sweden largest competition for startups and business plan, Venture Cup. Venture Cup was established in the late ‘90s in order to give feedback on startups business ideas with experienced industry experts committed to providing feedback and development tips.

Stardots contributed with our application platform for R&D software and the contribution was dubbed “Appstore for R&D”. The platform allows for fast development, commercialization and distribution of data-driven software intended to drive the digitalization of labs in both academia and industry. “Appstore for R&D” was selected among hundreds of other ideas and advanced into a region´s final. Recently we pitched our idea in front a formidable jury in Stockholm and the winner of the region’s final will be announced 2019-05-23.

At the Venture Cup photoshoot, we were asked to provide with a prop, and we brought CEO Daniel Petrini´s son. He has diabetes type 1 and you can see his blood sugar sensor attached to his arm in the photo above. Two weeks after he was diagnosed with diabetes, Stardots was approached by a diabetes researcher, dead set on finding a cure for diabetes. The scientist wanted to have a software program that counted various types of cells in pancreas instead of manually counting the cells since it was a cumbersome, time consuming and potentially error prone technique. We developed an application “PID”, using MATLAB and our software framework, and solved her cell counting needs. The “PID” application is now on our platform, available to all diabetes researchers around the world. Now she, and her research group, can easily analyze 1000 images per day compared to ~5 before, in addition to obtaining cell statistics and various visualizations. In addition, the application will auto-update, bringing new features and fixes for the benefit of R&D and eventually society. This story exemplifies Stardots business idea in a beautiful and personal way.


The Swedish Child Diabetes Foundation’s Johnny Ludvigsson-prize for excellent research in childhood and adolescent diabetes, has this year been given its Young Researcher prize to: Associate Professor Joey Lau Börjesson at the Department of Medical Cell Biology, Uppsala University.

Johnny Ludvigssons Pris 2018
Joey Lau Börjesson receives the Barndiabetesfonden Johnny Ludvigsson prize.

Motivation for the award
“Joey Lau Börjesson is awarded the prize for her work with advanced experimental
studies to provide enhanced understanding of how transplanted insulin-producing cells
are transformed by their new environment in the transplants, and how the
survival and function rate of the transplanted cells can be improved, including stem cell modification.
The findings can lead to improved results in clinical island transplantations and provide a basis for how stem cell-derived insulin-producing cells can be developed as
cell therapy”

Stardots collaboration
Stardots has jointly with Joey developed software that can increase correctness and rapidity in Joey’s diabetes research.
Read more about Pancreas Image Detection (PID).

Swedish Child Diabetes Foundation (in Swedish)


Stardots and our diabetes research application, PID, is noticed in an interview with our CEO Daniel Petrini in the Diabetes Wellness Sweden magazine.
(Article in Swedish)

Applikation för forskning inom diabetes

Diabetes Wellness Sweden


Stardots and our PID product in an article in Upsala Nya Tidning, the largest newspaper in Uppsala, founded in 1890.

Read the article here (in Swedish):
Stardots snabbar upp diabetesforskning