Stardots reaches important milestone when clinical trials of ANLIVA kick off

March 13th, 2023

Uppsala Innovation Centre recently visited Stardots HQ to get an update and feedback to Uppsala´s vibrant innovation system – what is good and what could be improved. Below is an article they wrote about the visit (translated to English by us).

“Stardot’s business concept is to develop software platforms for digital biomarkers, treatment optimization and diagnosis with an initial focus on neurology and Parkinson’s disease.  The company is now in the final phase of the UIC Accelerator and an exciting time awaits in the future. In March, they will start their first clinical trial for the ANLIVA™ platform, where the vision is to offer digital biomarkers and objective treatment optimizations. Daniel Petrini, CEO of Stardots, has a high goal when UIC’s team stops by: −The plan is to launch ANLIVA™ during the first part of 2024.

Cecilia Bröms-Thell, Vinh Hoang, Helena Kristersson and Muktar Ahmed, UIC, are shown around the bright premises by Fredrik Olsson and Daniel Petrini, Stardots

Based on research from Uppsala University

ANLIVA™ for Parkinson’s is based on research from Uppsala University and is developed to increase quality of life and reduce costs for society. It will be able to be used in several areas, but initially Parkinson’s disease is in focus.  An estimated 10 million people are living with the disease. The symptoms include tremors, stiff muscles and poorer mobility. Today there is no drug that cures the disease.

The treatments available are focused on relieving symptoms, and it can be difficult to set the right dose for each individual. Incorrect dose gives rise to side effects or poor symptom relief and this is where Stardot’s approach will be able to make a big difference for the patient.  About eighty subjects will be included in the clinical trial of two ANLIVA™ modules that are now being started at Akademiska and Sahlgrenska Hospital. ANLIVA™ is classified as a medical device and the study forms the basis of the regulatory application to the US FDA 510(k) clearance.

Fredrik Olsson, Stardots, demonstrates the platform

With the user in focus

It is noticeable that ANLIVA™ has been developed with the user in focus. The approach is both simple and ingenious. The platform is intended to provide digital biomarkers and such a module works by the patient holding their mobile phone in their hand and moving it in a certain movement pattern.

When the patient performs these movements, sensory data is collected. The data is sent to ANLIVA™ web services and processed using algorithms in Stardot’s computational cluster.  The user quickly gets back information about current symptoms that healthcare professionals can assess and use to adapt the treatment at the individual level.

UIC has been very helpful

That Daniel Petrini looks back fondly on the company’s time in the various business development programs at UIC cannot be mistaken:
­Without UIC, Stardots would not have existed, he notes, adding that he has always felt a welcoming support even in the face of adversity.

In the future, he wants Uppsala to become even better at attracting capital and forums where specialists are invited to show solutions to various problems, for example related to regulatory issues.”