Stardots and MathWorks

February 17th, 2023

Stardots´ mathematical modelers, Alexander, Emil and Fredrik visited MathWorks HQ in Natick close to Boston to discuss our ANLIVA™ platform and future functionality.

Stardots develops and commercializes deep tech digital health platforms with the intention to offer digital biomarkers, diagnostics or treatment optimizations for various diseases. The core of the platforms is advanced mathematical modeling and algorithms that are created using MATLAB from MathWorks. We use MATLAB to enable a rapid development environment and levering the familiar and trusted software functionality and computation performance associated with MATLAB. Our philosophy is to use a microservices and cloud agnostic approach for the platforms to be scalable, modular and effective built on the latest technology, frameworks and development procedures.

All code developed in MATLAB uses the same devops pipelines and runs in the same production setting as code developed in e.g., JAVA or Flutter, accelerating the time from idea to digital therapeutics considerably.

As always, the meeting was very friendly and productive and we are happy to be collaborating and be part of the MathWorks sphere.

Stardots visits MathWorks to discuss our approach to digital health and the use of MATLAB in our products