VNV Global continues to invest in Stardots

February 25th, 2022

Stardots is pleased to announce that VNV Global AB (“VNV”) has invested an additional 10 MSEK in Stardots. VNV is an investment company whose business idea is through experience, knowledge and a vast global network, to invest in assets with a large potential for growth with a special focus on companies that has network effects. Other shareholders in Stardots include Uppsala University Invest, Stockholm University Holding and Linnea Capital.

Stardots is a deep tech company that brings together engineers and mathematicians with neurologists and life-science developers. We’re also sons and daughters. Grandsons and granddaughters. And our hearts and minds are set on providing neurology patients with a better outlook.

VNV invest in high-growth technology companies with the potential to become global leaders. With more than 20 years’ worth of experience, VNV is passionate about turning visionary business ideas into enduring realities. Stardots believe in combining ambitious ideas with well-grounded facts. Therefore, everything we do is based on human and clinical needs: Evidence-based, human-centric, and results-focused. In short: We like hard facts that help us do good.

ANLIVA™ is a Stardots´ digital health platform that provides automatic, reliable indications of Parkinson’s disease treatment efficiency. We are creating ANLIVA to assist clinicians that need to make the most of precision treatments.

Our aim is to attain the best therapeutical effect in each patient as fast as possible, with the least risk of side effects. With self-tracking and robust symptom monitoring more accessible to both clinicians and patients, ANLIVA also supports the ongoing shift to patient-centered care.

Parkinson’s disease is the second most common neurodegenerative disorder after Alzheimer’s disease. More than 10 million people are affected worldwide. The most significant risk factor for Parkinson’s disease is age. With an increasing share of the population aged 65 and up, the number of Parkinson’s disease diagnosis are likely to rise. Costs for society are significant, estimated to be $13.9B and $25B in the EU and US, respectively. Partly due to the requirement of highly skilled personnel at hospitals.

Our vision is that ANLIVA will become a new standard for objective, equal, globally accessible, and cost-effective Parkinson’s care.

We are thrilled that VNV share the company’s vision to provide patients of neurological diseases a better future in addition to seeing the large opportunities for our global product. We are currently hard at work developing a truly revolutionizing digital health platform for Parkinson’s disease scheduled for a 2023 launch.