PID 2.01 “Teodor”

February 6th, 2018

We are thrilled to announce a new version and the general availability of our cell counter: Pancreas Image Detection (PID)!  PID can count three types of cells in the Langerhans islets of the Pancreas, and removes the tedious, error-prone task of counting the cells manually, increasing both the rate and accuracy of the research. Main features of PID 2.01 “Teodor”:

  • Automated isolation of the Langerhans Islet in the pancreas
  • Counting three types of cells: alpha, beta and KI67-marked
  • Image support: common bitmap formats, e.g., *.tif, *.bmp, *.png and *.jpg
  • Extensive database support, including multiple, lightning-fast, databases and rich export capabilities.
  • Interface with overview of the database, cell counts and final-image comparison.
  • Our trials shows 98-99% accuracy and 0.01 s/cell counting time in real usage scenarios (depending on image quality and your computer hardware).

PID was co-developed with Uppsala university. Download here: Pancreas Image Detection

PID 2.01 “Teodor” build. Count cells using an intuitive and powerful interface. Compare and relate and adjust results. The database has many export capabilites.